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We are your trusted partner in building products, services and ventures that deliver extraordinary value to you and your clients.
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We are innovation agency. We help you build products and services from idea to launch. Our team of experts will work with you on end to end process or the part of it. Depends on your needs.

Set strategy

We specialize in creating innovative frameworks that enable companies to achieve sustainable growth and market leadership by integrating various aspects into a coordinated structure.

Build products & services

Our focus is on conceiving and crafting cutting-edge products and services that align with users' demands, blending innovation, strategic planning, and remarkable experiences.

Improve Customer Experience

We prioritize the creation of exceptional interactions that resonate with clients, ensuring satisfaction, loyalty, and brand advocacy through every touchpoint.

Empower your people

We nurture an environment that promotes growth, engagement, and collaboration, enabling each team member to thrive and contribute.

Build new venture

We engage established companies to create and develop new ventures or start-ups within their organisation. This innovative approach allows companies to explore new markets, develop disruptive technologies and drive growth.

Implement AI in your business model

Learn how to create and implement an AI strategy for your business during our intensive workshop for decision-makers.
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I am pleased to recommend Innovatika’s services. Full professionalism, the perfect preparation for all the entrusted tasks and extraordinary help in discovering important customer needs. Noteworthy is also the use of the innovative methods and marketing tools appreciated all over the world and kind and flexible cooperation. Great recommendation!
Małgorzata Nowak
Lead Product Manager T-Mobile Poland
Innovation Jam II Netia had two "simple "goals: first - to involve the maximum group of employees and customers to co-create business ideas, second – to come up with the specific projects for further implementation, in the formula close to startup days. During the workshop, people from various industries met and developed together business concepts with compelling market logic.
Jacek Fischbach
New Business Manager, Netia S.A.
We cooperated with Innovatika on various events and activities. They provided a big substantial part for 3 editions of our flagship program - WARP, 8-day-long accelerator for CEE startups. Professional approach, creativity and flexibility is not a common mixture, but Innovatika has it all. We strongly recommend them as a valuable partner and provider of highest quality services.
Jakub Probola
Head of hub:raum Kraków T-Mobile Startup Accelerator
Innovatika was instrumental in guiding a large internal team through a strategic effort to identify short term business layers. It was a great success.
Debra Kassarjian
Director of Consumer Insights, Taco Bell, LA, USA

We combine technology, industry trends, creative thinking and customer centric approach to launch digital solutions that generate value for companies and users.

Our projects

Communicating fashion collections

Which process should be used to communicate new clothing collections? We created a process based on customer needs.

Space journey to health

Encouraging physical activity through the game by an app that combines mobile gaming with Health & Fitness.

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Jerzy Kurgan
Managing Director