A Future Direction For Digital Marketplaces

18th December 2019 |
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What is a future direction for digital marketplaces?

Katrzyna Królak-Wyszyńska and Krzysztof Reński want to answer the questions about the development trends of digital marketplaces and what technologies will drive them. In other words: how we all as consumers will use them in two, three or five years. 

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Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska CEO Innovatika, Krzysztof ReńskiCOO, Head of Digital Products And Business Models,
Katarzyna is an expert in discovering potential areas for development and turning them into effective businesses, products and services, primarily digital. She concentrates on user-oriented design and quick concept validation. She co-created and organized the Future Makers Challenge, a program connecting corporations with students. Co-creator of The Heart Warsaw. Co-author of the MIT EF accelerator program in Poland. She sits on the Jury of MIT Innovators Under 35 in Europe and South America. A Startups mentor. Krzysztof was a Vice President of Innovatika, and also a Head of Digital Products and Business Models. He is responsible for all projects aimed at creating and commercializing digital products. Krzysztof is a head and mentor of the Innovatika Product Managers team. Krzysztof has 12 years of experience in the area of ​​product management and R&D process management (over 30 delivered projects). He participated as an expert and a mentor in four projects under the Scale Up program, advising several dozen Polish technology startups. He lectures on digital transformation and innovation management at postgraduate studies at SGH (Warsaw School of Economics) and MBA studies at the French Institute of Management.

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