How we built a convenient & quick booking system for home repair?

We’re the tried and tested co-founder. This time together with Veolia we developed and launched a new venture that would meet the needs of its current customers, and have the potential to grow in the future. We faced the challenge of creating a product and a business model that would work according to the client’s needs.
Scope: Research, UX, Prototyping, Market experiments, Analytics, Customer Acquisition, Acquisition of Specialists
Industry: Energy, Technical services
Duration: 11 months

Executive summary

  • Veolia wanted to create a concept for a new product, validate the new product’s potential and launch the solution on the market.
  • The concept concerned the creation of a platform for ordering visits by technical specialists for residential building administrators. The idea was verified and developed by the Innovatika team.
  • The outcome of the project was to develop a product concept which would meet the needs of Veolia's existing customers and also have the potential to grow from the strategic areas of the company and to launch it on the market. Currently, the Team is working on the long-term vision of the MyService platform development, keeping in mind the changing market of energy suppliers and Smart Home ideas.

Our client

Veolia is an international group operating in the water, wastewater, energy, waste management and formerly transport sectors. In its new strategy, Veolia emphasizes the importance of sustainability and seeks solutions to its biggest environmental challenges – increasing accessibility, protecting and renewing resources and boosting energy efficiency.

Venture builder’s journey

Innovatika’s experts were responsible for conducting market analysis to investigate the potential of the first service concept, which was a platform for housing administrators. It was also crucial to conduct interviews with both tech companies and administrators. As a result of the joint analyses, the product concept moved to the B2C market – the MyService platform as a provider of proven technical specialists for residents of large cities. The team then defined assumptions and created a platform prototype to begin the validation process. Over the last months, the MVP was tested and we are now developing the product. We are doing this by implementing the recommendations based on the findings from the testing phase.

Innovatika Venture Builder was responsible for:
  • Conducting a market analysis to investigate the potential of different concepts
  • Conducting interviews – with both specialists and administrators
  • Appointing 100% of the team (including the recruitment processes)
  • Developing a platform prototype (MVP)
  • Designing all the internal processes
  • Concept validation
  • Preparing recommendations
  • Preparation and execution of the promotion and growth strategy

Creating an MVP in the no-code model allows not only to reduce the budget, but most importantly, we gain time and focus on the business model, which is the main task of a startup.

Irek Mirgos
 | Startup CEO

MyService – an “iTaxi” for home repairs

MyService is an iTaxi for home repairs that allows to book a technician in a matter of seconds for the same day. Customers no longer need to make multiple phone calls to arrange an appointment and are assured that their specialist will arrive at the time specified by them. The website also implemented a chat, where the user, by answering questions, can find out what kind of service they need, if due to lack of technical knowledge they couldn’t tell. The platform prototype was created in just a week and at a very low cost – all thanks to the use of pre-made tools for creating digital solutions.

We are building value of MyService on the following principles
  • booking process should be easy
  • technicians should be available for the same day -> you can’t wait with broken tap till tomorrow
  • there should be a guarantee
  • the price should be known upfront
  • technicians should be kind as well as skilled

The outcome

processed in the system

to create the no-code MVP

recruited in the system

In MyService Innovatika we managed to gather a good, flexible team, which allowed us to quickly move from the phase of an idea to a practical solution. I consider it a huge success.

Izabela Pomezny
 | Veolia

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