Breakthroughs of 2023 – positive events of the past year

Of the many positive developments in 2023, we have selected those that particularly deserve your attention.

Agata Dohojda | Junior Business Analyst

Revolutionizing retail with AI: insights from Innovatika

The retail industry is standing at the cusp of a transformative era, with Artificial Intelligence acting as the catalyst of this change.

Mateusz Florczak | Innovation Manager

Accessible mobile apps – how to design apps inclusive for all?

Designing accessible mobile apps is not only ethically important but also beneficial for the app’s success.

Iga Stachowicz | Growth Manager

3×3 – Great And Poor CX Design Tactics That Influence Your Product

Every single day, both your and our teams immerse ourselves into industry trends, build profitable business models, validate concepts, and roll out groundbreaking digital products.

Gaba Jordan | Head of Product Design

Can Blockchain Change Digital Marketing?

Is it possible that blockchain technology will affect not only cryptocurrencies? Let’s have a closer look at this case.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director