How To Benefit From Postpandemic Corporate World?

31st July 2020 |
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Within just a few months, many companies had to change their everyday work model. They also had to adopt an entirely new approach to the team management question. Will the postpandemic corporate reality require even more changes?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many entrepreneurs to implement new solutions and anti-crisis activities. Although this reorganization scale was enormous, many companies and their employees value the newly adapted solution. Some even don’t want to return to the traditional mode of operation.

The employees enjoy and quickly got used to the home office work mode. And the employers realized that this type of work could be as efficient, and the traditional model. New technologies allowed companies to perform online work efficiently thanks to many modern tools and aids. At Innovatika, we have repeatedly verified these tools and willingly use them ever since. Apps like ZOOM or Microsoft Teams have gained lots of new users. Even the healthcare industry now offers remote patient services. What is more, the government gave the green light for the remote medical interpretations of the crucial medical examinations.

Remote approach a chance for real change in postpandemic corporate reality

Naturally, we realize that the presented chances and challenges are just the beginning. Consider them an inspiration, a germ of a shift in organizations. You have to adapt an appropriate process of action in order to conduct them. That’s why Innovatika has made a tool that will help you go through the Reinvention phase. We help you make your offer up-to-date, by adjusting it to current business circumstances.

Business Reinvention Guideline

BRG is a mix of the various Design Thinking and Agile approaches described in the introduction of the Business Reinvention Insights Map, as well as other methodologies for smart product design, such as Design Sprint, Lean Startup, and Scrum. As a part of the devised process, we indicated five stages. They start with identifying changes in the customers’ needs and the shape of current business scenery, through working out new operation ideas, up to implementing the most promising ones.

For each of the phases, we assigned examples of strategic questions that a company should answer in order to adapt to this new reality. Also, we chose tools that should come in handy in the process of analyzing these questions, as they can add a structure and transparency. We believe that our guidelines will help brands concentrate on acquiring knowledge, creating real values, and freeing you from thinking about an appropriate approach. We believe that in this, crucial for the entire market, approach, it’s essential to focus not just on the current situation but also on past crises, in order to learn a lesson coming from them and gain more experience.

How are other Polish companies doing during post-pandemic times?

Active market observation, listening to customers, effective change implementation processes, and looking for new business opportunities. What else can help organizations increase their odds of business development? You will find answers to that and many other questions in our “Business Reinvention Insights Map” report, made by the team of internal and external Innovatika experts.

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Marta Puchert Service Designer, Innovatika Design
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Marta has been using the Design Thinking method for ten years now. She is continuously searching for specific, tangible solutions in close contact with users, based on their needs and tests with prototypes. Marta creates innovations in companies by understanding their needs, their clients, analyzing trends and the market. She is an Innovation Consultant and a Service Designer at Innovatika. Earlier, she worked for eight years as a team member in Roca’s innovation laboratory, a product designer in, among others, Asus and BMW. Marcin supports companies in making strategic decisions through in-depth analysis of the markets and competition, as well as conducting qualitative interviews with potential clients and business partners. Moderating workshops and designing processes of creating innovative products with usage of Design Thinking and Lean methodologies are also an essential part of his work. Marcin has an experience in project management in such areas as banking and finances, education, commerce, and new technologies.

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