Employees, as well as the whole startup ecosystem, can feed your company’s innovations.

We Organize And Run Incubators

We believe corporations can act like startups and boost the entrepreneurial mindset of employees.

Instead of hiring outside talent to work on new products or acquiring innovations, big companies can support internal entrepreneurs and develop a startup culture within the organization. 100 days is enough for internal teams to get the idea from paper into the hands of users; be it products, services or processes.

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Problems we tackle

Staying innovative can be difficult. Working with you, we’ll find answers to difficult questions:

Some questions we got from our clients:


‘We want to explore new revenue streams. How to do it?’


‘How can we ensure efficient pipeline in the next few years?’


‘Our employees have tons of ideas. What will be the advantage if we work them out with you?’

  • We facilitate the process and do it ‘smart & fast’. We ensure quick victories in short time frames.
  • We become members of teams and consolidate solutions. We’ve frequently experienced that interdisciplinary competences bring out the most efficient solutions.
  • We concentrate on customer insights. From beginning to end, we make our decisions based on market data.
  • We bring inspiration forth. We explore different markets and players so we can get our clients in touch with suitable startups and external experts.

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Our approach

We tackle challenges smart and fast through human-centered approach.

Prepare organization
Few smart steps that we take to prepare your organization:

  • Define the business challenge
  • Engage corporate entrepreneurs
  • Prepare internal ecosystem
  • Lead a crash course and let participants get a sense of the process

Generate ideas
Four smart and fast steps that we make within the ideation phase:

  • Explore need/problem of target audience
  • Lead crowdsourcing campaigns and hackathons
  • Design solutions
  • Built prototypes and test them

Desirability + feasibility + viability, this is our prism that we use to:

  • Conduct test with users
  • Develope solutions
  • Describe the concepts
  • Empower teams to make a pitch
  • Monitor implementation
kreska zolta

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