We are true-born entrepreneurs with souls of researchers, designers, digital strategists and growth hackers.

We Are Future Makers

…and we are eager to empower others to move beyond and become Future Makers as well.

Everybody is talking about digitalization, data and design. Let’s be honest – talking and having good ideas is easy. Making them real is the challenge. We’re Future Makers and we’re unceasingly tackling it.


Our Heart

We are passionate about our culture and we believe that our values drive us to achieve success.


We all act as leaders who want to make a difference, initiate change for the better and lead teams to implement that change.

Red Ribbon

We build authentic, wholehearted relationships and, at the same time, provoke and ask difficult questions.

Smart & Fast

We act as startups. We spend the minimum amount of time and money to verify concepts and launch them. We are in love with „execution”.


We deliver a stable and long term value. We start with our customers’ needs and iterate until the final solution is verified and successfully scaled.

our home

Our Home

We believe in digital & design transformation. We have made it our home. You are always welcome here.

Join us in our passion for digital opportunities that transform business models and design that spurs extraordinary customer experiences. We know it is not just a trend. It is a must for every business that wants to grow. That’s why we help companies build a sustainable, competitive advantage based on data, design and the digital world.


Our Family

Meet our family – our pride, support and partners.

Here at Innovatika, we very often witness the fact that breakthrough innovation occur when you are open to collaboration and knowledge sharing. We want you to meet our family members that were born thanks to Innovatika: The Heart – European Center for Corporate-Startup Collaboration and techBrainers – an innovation company that brings together technology, science and the corporate world.

our family1
our-family (1)

Our Team

Here at Innovatika, you will meet the close-knit group of designers, growth hackers, researchers and strategists.

Diversity is the key to innovation. Our people bring together unique experiences and perspectives that make our work meaningful as well as joyful. Thanks to diverse points of view and radical collaboration, we ignite change, deliver exceptional results and empower our clients.


Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for vibrant innovators. Let us get to know you a little bit and we’ll get in touch with you when we find a challenge that fits your talents.

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