Jak banki mogą zbliżyć się do klientów dzięki influencerom?

Influencer marketing może być potężnym narzędziem do komunikowania usług finansowych.
Zakres: Analiza konkurencji, analiza rynku, opracowywanie koncepcji kreatywnych, influencer marketing
Branża: Finanse
Czas trwania: 3 projekty x 1 miesiąc


  • Wiele różnych grup docelowych wymagających zróżnicowanych linii komunikacji
  • Trudności w prezentowaniu usług finansowych w praktyce
  • Konieczne odejście od tradycyjnych form marketingu na rzecz spersonalizowanej komunikacji z klientami
  • Analiza rynku i sposobów wykorzystania influencer marketingu wśród instytucji finansowych
  • Analiza potrzeb i zachowań 4 grup docelowych
  • Badanie i wybór influencerów dopasowanych do analizowanych grup
  • Pomysł i przygotowanie koncepcji kreatywnych
  • Ponad 10 zróżnicowanych koncepcji kreatywnych kampanii z influencerami wspierających sprzedaż usług finansowych wśród każdej z analizowanych grup
  • Lista influencerów z dużym potencjałem do współpracy przy promocji usług bankowych
  • Poszerzenie wiedzy o zainteresowaniach i zachowaniach klientów w czterech różnych grupach docelowych

Service description

While working on concepts for each target group, we analyzed how their representatives approach financial services and how this affects their daily needs. We also learned how they spend their free time, what values they follow and what shopping choices they make. Based on this information and the market analysis, we prepared campaign concepts to support the sale of financial services. We also selected influencers (campaign heroes) matched to the client’s brand.

Our client

International institution providing services to financial entities and their customers.


The client’s challenge is to communicate financial services in a way that is attractive and interesting to the intended audience.

What’s more, the client must tailor its communications to diverse target groups that have different needs and preferences.The high level of competition in the market also implies the need to move away from traditional marketing tools. It is therefore necessary to provide more personalised communication to establish a long-term relationship with the audience.

Our goals

Our goal was to best understand each of the target groups that our client wanted to reach. A thorough analysis of these groups helped us create reliable and effective concepts and select influencers for them.

Key actions

At the beginning of the project, we carried out an analysis of the needs and behavior of four diverse target groups. Our goal was to understand their practical approach to financial services. The next step was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market and how influencer marketing can be used in financial institutions. Based on these analyses, we ideated and prepared creative concepts that allowed us to effectively communicate financial offers to customers in a more personalized and attractive way. In the final stage, we researched and selected influencers who were best suited to our target groups and the client’s brand, which allowed us to refine effective marketing campaign concepts.


By analysing the needs and behaviour of 4 diverse target groups, we were able to develop more than 10 differentiated creative concepts for campaigns with influencers. Each of them effectively supports the sale of financial services among the analysed groups. In addition, we made a selection of influencers with great potential for cooperation in the promotion of the client’s financial services, including in future activities.We have also broadened the client’s knowledge about the behavior and expectations of representatives of his target groups.

Client benefits

Our client received concepts for marketing campaigns that included activities beyond traditional communication channels and a list of influencers tailored to his diverse target groups.The materials prepared by us have been used as a basis for networking with the client’s business partners.The project and the data that we collected also gave the client the opportunity to look at his audience groups from a different perspective.The client learned about the less obvious needs of his audiences, which do not directly relate to financial services, but allow a better understanding of their behavior.

The use of influencers in communications regarding financial services allows customers to better understand their benefits. Influencers give a communication a context that is more credible to the customer and easier to relate to.

Iga Stachowicz
 | Project Manager, Innovatika


Exploring new channels of marketing communication is very important in markets where it is difficult for audiences to practically see the advantages of services or products and recognize the differences between available offers. Our participation in the project allowed us to provide the client with new ideas and tools for conducting personalized communication with the audience. Our research also provided a new perspective on their needs and behavior, which in the long term will support the building of long-term and more personal relationships.

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