Venture Building

With our corporate clients we jointly create new digital products and businesses from idea stage all the way to launch and profit

We help corporates...

... build new revenue streams

Create new revenue opportunities through entering adjacent markets, repositioning and rebundling your current offering or though innovative value propositions.

... grow their product portfolio

Quickly build, test and launch new services relying on our lean and agile methods. Ideas aplenty – we source them from your organization, our own research or by joining with existing startups.

... fully utilize their resources and know-how

With our clients we’ve built businesses targeting their surplus – by renting underused office spaces or helping them crowdsource innovation from their own workforce.

Venture building

Venture building is a framework that streamlines developing new businesses from idea stage to profit. During the venture building process, business ideas are sourced, tested and developed.

A systemic approach to corporate growth

It’s a discipline that takes best startup practices and adapts them into a repeatable, corporate-compatible process. It allows a team of business, design, technology and domain experts to move fast, stay apart from corporate mechanisms and make the best use of mother-corporate assets.

Failing fast to minimize risks

A core team builds prototypes to validate ideas in real world. If tests conclude an idea has positive response, the minimum version of the product, that can be used and monetized, is launched. In case the idea is proven not valid – it is abandoned immediately.

Key results


Our process

We have a proven and "bulletproof" process that supports and challenges every team that works on a new product and business.

Proof of concept
Minimum Viable Product
Minimum Marketable Product
Minimum Desirable Product
Scaling & Revenues

Building the concept that is proven to have growth potential. Many ideas are prototyped and tested to make sure which direction is the right one.

Validating the riskiest assumptions via real life experiments and collecting data from the market. Confirming feasibility of the product.

Running first monetization activities and collecting evidence that the product is well fitted to the market.

Building organisation and processes that make the product perfectly matched and delivered to customers.

Building a sound and growing business that offers products desired by customers and makes investors delighted with revenue streams.

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Jerzy Kurgan

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Jerzy Kurgan

Managing Director