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In the Employee area, we nurture an environment that promotes growth, engagement, and collaboration, enabling each team member to thrive and contribute significantly to the organisation's success.
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Our approach

We integrate empathy in our process. Our solutions are not just about numbers or trends but are centered around the people who drive your business – your customers and your team.
Focused on the future
In line with our value to be future makers, we embrace the constant unpredictability in the business landscape and turn it into creative, future-oriented strategies for your company.
Driven by business results
Our commitment to provide tangible results means we don’t just generate ideas but ensure they are implemented effectively. We provide outcomes that can be measured and felt.

Our expertise

Market Intelligence

We harness data-driven insights, deep industry knowledge and results of qualitative research and turn them into digestible information, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth of your business.

Design Thinking

We use iterative process to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Service Design

We embrace a fusion of technology and innovation to design products services that are user-centric and easy to use, enhancing your customers’ satisfaction and setting your brand apart from the competition.

Strategy Assessment

We combine creative thinking with detailed analysis to create resilient and transformative roadmaps for your business’s future. We connect the needs of customers and your business.

Our process

Our goal is to deliver the greatest value to the user and the business.
Defining the purpose of the project and building a joint team. Recognizing the situation, inspiring trends and business models.
Identification of key criteria and assumptions Collaborative generation of ideas and concepts and prototyping new business models.
Research & Testing
Building Business Cases based on market verification and optimization of the value proposition.
Support or execution of implementation on the basis of processes and tools that allow to shorten time-to-market.
Boosting & Scaling
Providing support in defining and implementing transformations as well as scaling existing solutions.

What we can do together​

We nurture your product or business at every stage of its development.

R&D Processes Design

We design innovative R&D processes, merging strategic planning with agile methods. This fosters exploration, accelerates innovation, and efficiently transforms ideas into groundbreaking products, nurturing an innovative culture."
Dedicated for:
  • Innovation Leaders crafting custom frameworks for guided Research and Development, merging strategic planning with agile methods.
  • Decision-makers, fostering an exploratory culture, using processes to speed up innovation and turn ideas into breakthrough solutions.
  • Enterprises, creating R&D processes aligned with goals, efficiently transforming concepts into cutting-edge products and solutions.

R&D Engagement Programs

We drive strategic initiatives for employee involvement and R&D projects. Idea sharing, cross-functional collaboration, and skill development cultivate continuous learning, fuelling creativity and contributing to organization's growth.
Dedicated for:
  • Talent Development Managers, fostering a culture of learning and creativity, engaging employees to contribute to company growth.
  • R&D Managers, executing strategic initiatives for employee involvement and innovation, promoting idea sharing and collaboration.
  • Leaders utilizing engagement programs to drive innovation, cross-functional collaboration, skill enhancement, and creative culture within R&D efforts.

Workshops Facilitation

We conduct workshops guiding interactive sessions, fostering collaboration and creativity. Facilitated discussions, activities, and problem-solving empower exploration, teamwork, and tangible outcomes in a productive environment.
Dedicated for:
  • Project Managers, leading interactive sessions fostering collaboration, creativity, and idea development.
  • Leaders creating, productive learning environments via workshops, empowering participants with problem-solving skills and teamwork enhancement.
  • Businesses driving innovation and business plans through workshops, using discussions, activities, and problem-solving exercises for tangible outcomes.

Design Thinking Training

We offer Design Thinking training, equipping teams with tools for innovative problem-solving. Through empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing, participants address complex challenges with user-centered solutions.
Dedicated for:
  • Individuals and Teams, developing problem-solving skills through Design Thinking, gaining tools and a mindset for tackling challenges.
  • Leaders fostering innovation culture, using structured training to empower user-centered problem-solving.
  • Business Executives, driving impactful outcomes with systematic training, enhancing teams' ability to address complex challenges and create user-aligned solutions.

AI-based Business Model Masterclass

Our training provides a deep insight into artificial intelligence in the context of business development. With expert guidance, case studies, and practical exercises, participants develop strategies, implement and optimize AI-based models, creating a competitive advantage and fostering innovation
Dedicated for:
  • Leaders aiming to grasp AI's role in growth, gaining deep insights for leveraging AI technologies effectively.
  • Teams, enhancing AI integration expertise with expert guidance, case studies, and hands-on exercises for strategic implementation.
  • Organizations using the masterclass to transform business models with AI, leading to enhanced competitiveness, innovative strategies, and increased profitability.

Sustainable Business Model Masterclass

We provide a sustainability-focused Masterclass, guiding participants through principles and strategies for responsible businesses. Interactive sessions and practical examples help foster positive impact and long-term profitability.
Dedicated for:
  • Leaders committed to socially and environmentally responsible businesses.
  • Sustainability managers improving their understanding of sustainable practices by gaining insights into how to integrate sustainability into their strategies.
  • Professionals who value sustainability and need to empower their drive towards positive change and contribute to both short- and long-term business profits.

Our projects

Communicating fashion collections

Which process should be used to communicate new clothing collections? We created a process based on customer needs.

Space journey to health

Encouraging physical activity through the game by an app that combines mobile gaming with Health & Fitness.

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