Tools For Managing A Team While You Work From Home

16th March 2020 |
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The new coronavirus has significantly impacted the way we work and live. In order to decelerate the spread of the virus, more and more employees are encouraged to work remotely. Fortunately, there are many online tools and apps that enable the businesses to remain effective, even with teams scattered around the world. We are about to reveal the best possible online solutions for managing a team.

At Innovatika, we are huge fans of remote work. Work efficiency is at the core of our business; that’s why our team is continuously testing new cooperation models. Our employees and contractors are based internationally or have the ability to work from anywhere in the world as well as from the comfort of their own home. Team meetings and product workshops are fully digital, utilizing the power of video conferencing tools and online work boards. We use a great number of innovative solutions in order to work in a smart and agile manner.

Perfect tool for managing a team

Remote working can, however, face countless challenges. Choosing the best project management tool proves to be very difficult. It’s crucial to keep yourself up to date and track your numerous projects involving international, crossfunctional teams scattered over multiple locations.

Pawel Dymek – UX Designer at Innovatika shares his insight and results of the research on identifying the best tool to organize your work, no matter if you are office or beach-based.

Project management online tool – analyze by Innovatika.


Interviewing our employees was the very first step for us to define the criteria for choosing the appropriate tool.


We have devised over 30 different criteria, which were divided into 6 categories:

  • Basics (e.g. assigning people, deadlines, friendly UX, time-tables etc.)
  • Features supporting project management (e.g. planning long-run team tasks, budget monitoring, leading several projects simultaneously etc.)
  • Advanced functions (easy integration with other tools, file sharing, customization etc.)
  • Management functions (access management, inviting new team members, exporting tasks into a list etc.)
  • Other functions (other unique or important features we found worth considering)


At this point, we took 10 of the most popular tools and analyzed each one of them. We examined (in the alphabetical order):

  • Active Collab
  • Asana
  • ClickUp
  • Hive
  • Jira Next-Gen
  • Microsoft Planer
  • Monday
  • Notion
  • Productive
  • Trello

In order to accurately measure them, we have introduced a 5 point scale.

The most important thing was to prepare a test set of repetitive data, which we tried to use as often as possible with each one of the tested tools. Then, we analyzed the level of simplicity and performance of all applications in comparison to others. Furthermore, we did additional research on the unique values ​​of each software. Naturally, these unique features would not fall under the main criteria, as they are not repetitive. In order to do so, we reviewed the marketing materials and descriptions of each tool.

Next, we cross-referenced internet forums and Facebook groups for the most common problems and bugs of each program, in order to see what causes the biggest headache for the end-user. And last but not least, there was the price analysis. Assuming a typical one-year reference period, it was a snap to compare pricing.


With the analysis done, we have gathered our findings in one, comprehensive report. Check the results of our work by clicking right here.

We do realize that a tool that suits every need and every requirement does not exist. That’s why we decided to base our analysis on the strictly specified, authoritative criteria. And this is our result:

1st place
(123 PKT)

2nd place
(100 PKT)

3rd place
(96 PKT)

Although they slipped out of the podium, the below tools are also interesting:

  • Jira Next-Gen
  • Monday
  • Productive
  • Notion

If you want to talk about managing a team in your company – we are here for you. Just drop us a line or call us, and let’s talk about your projects. You have to know, project management is our thing, and we are always keen to help you with this facet of doing business.

Whichever of these seven apps you choose, you are confident you will be content. We always recommend, however, doing your own tests and checks, as it’s the only way to find the tool that suits you best.

We wish that the current situation does not impact your business if it does make sure you shift your operations online!

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