Together, we manage Innovatika. Our innovation agency is made up of a team of dozens of exceptionally creative experts. Innovatika is staffed by strategists, innovation creators, researchers, designers and product and service development specialists who work together to implement projects that grow our clients' businesses.
Kasia & Jurek
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Innovatika is dedicated to fostering courage, creativity, and strategic thinking for tangible business outcomes. Our goal is to enhance the quality and competitiveness of products and services, yielding measurable gains for our clients. We regularly scan the world of trends and technologies, we constantly analyze their impact on the future. As a long-standing partner in digital transformation, we guide companies through market shifts and technological advancements, focusing on scalable AI solutions that address future needs.

Our commitment extends to supporting digital transformation and AI implementation with an emphasis on environmental and social responsibility. We strive for sustainable development and inclusivity, aiding companies in achieving ESG objectives. Together, we aim to build a better future by developing responsible, advanced businesses and services, continuously learning and sharing knowledge.

With a strong belief in getting things done, we've been 
a trusted partner in building products and businesses.

220 clients
Naszymi głównymi klientami są przede wszystkim Banking i Finanse, Ubezpieczenia, FMCG, Zielona i Inteligentna Energia, 
Opieka Zdrowotna, Farmacja, Retail, SMCG & ICT
19 years
With nearly two decades of experience in digital transformation, we guide companies through market shifts and technological advancements, focusing on scalable AI solutions that address future needs. Dedicated to fostering courage, creativity, and strategic thinking, our aim is to enhance the quality and competitiveness of products and services. We regularly scan the world of trends and technologies and constantly analyze their impact on the future.

We never stop learning by exploring the latest trends and best industry practices.

Every day, we expand our knowledge to share the latest innovations backed by reliable sources. Our curiosity has led us on a journey from organizing workshops and trainings, to becoming experts in building business models, and partners in creating project concepts and services. This has ultimately enabled us to effectively implement successful businesses.

Today, Innovatika integrates design, business, and technology competences into 
an ecosystem that supports corporate clients, particularly in setting strategy, improving customer experience, building products & services, implementing AI, 
and ESG initiatives. Continuously adapting to market changes, Innovatika earns the trust of discerning clients by providing extensive support in business development.

Creative workshops 
& trainings
Business models, strategies, research
Concepts and designs 
for products and services
Implementations, business, technology management
An ecosystem that produces products 
and businesses
The power of collaboration is our foundation. Mutual motivation, learning from each other, and jointly engaging in tasks allow us to work in an agile and efficient manner on projects. Each of us, regardless of our area of work, contributes to the creation of the best products and processes through continuous development. We build strong relationships within our team and extend these to form partnership relations with our clients. Through our joint commitment, we enhance our organizational culture daily, creating a unique work environment.
Working at Innovatika is an amazing journey full of interesting projects that really make a difference. Together with dedicated people, we face the most diverse challenges. I value the alignment of my values with the organization's mission, which makes every working day a source of satisfaction and inspiration.
Jakub Turniak
Product & Innovation Analyst
What I like about Innovatika is that there is a human approach to work here. I feel that I can count on others, because we form a very close-knit team. Even when challenges arise, we don't give up and not only look for the best solutions, but always support each other!
Mateusz Florczak
Innovation Manager
Innovatika not only provides excellent products and business solutions, but also creates an inspiring and supportive work atmosphere. It's a place where every employee has a chance to grow professionally and as a person, together with fantastic people. I am proud to be part of this team.
Matylda Zaorska
UI Designer
Innovatika is not only projects that change our environment. It's first and foremost the people who create a friendly work space and make sure that each project responds to the real needs of the client.
Paweł Szpakiewicz
Project Manager

We are a Poland-based company, but our team works from several locations on international projects.

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