AI brings revolution in educational content creation

How to leverage the potential of AI in the largest educational publisher in Poland?

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Good customer experience attracts new customers

How do you plan the conversation and procedure for opening a bank account at a branch to make the whole process simple and effective?

Ultrarapid market test of a new product

How to verify the market potential of products in the FMCG industry?

Barriers and opportunities in the use of medical data

How did innovative concepts emerge in the Design Thinking process? Read our case on working with EIT Health.

How, during no-code solution testing, we built WE, a tool to organize daily work at Innovatika

Learn how, while testing the new no-code tool, we built a platform to manage the company’s work.

Space journey to health

Encouraging physical activity through the game by an app that combines mobile gaming with Health & Fitness.

Influencer marketing for financial services

How can influencer marketing support financial services communication and let banks get closer to customers?

Communicating fashion collections

Which process should be used to communicate new clothing collections? We created a process based on customer needs.

Go beyond the competitive FMCG market

We moved away from typical sales channels and create a new value proposition to ensure revenue growth and profitability.

Innovations in a traditional industry

How to build scale and increase profits? We created new innovative business models for a traditional industry

Building data-driven healthcare app

How can you combine psychology knowledge and technology to make global changes in people’s pro-health behavior? We created digital venture that would turn the answers to this question into a profitable business.

Designing smart city apps

We created a range of modern apps for drivers and passengers alike, in line with the ‘Smart City’ idea.

Transforming recurring payment solution

We developed a mobile app, which not only responds to the users’ needs, but also offers value for financial organizations.

Building “iTaxi” for home repairs

We built convenient & quick digital tool for booking the specialist you need.