An app that combines mobile gaming with Health & Fitness

How to encourage physical activity through the game
Scope: Venture Building, market testing, market 
and competition analysis, business model development, mobile application development
Industry: Mobile applications, Health, Fitness, Gaming
Duration: Undergoing market implementation

Executive summary

  • The task was to create a Health 
& Fitness solution that would help users increase and maintain motivation for physical activity 
in a highly engaging way
  • The challenge was to enter a highly competitive market – the US
  • we conducted a user needs survey
  • we created a solution encouraging people to take up physical activity
  • we developed and tested the assumptions of several business models
  • we selected a model on the basis 
of which we built the first version 
of the application
  • we created a mobile game that gamifies physical activity
  • we built the first version of the game in just 6 weeks
  • after 6 months of development, we achieved excellent results: 7% retention after 28 days of use (market average: 2%) at a $3.1 player acquisition cost (average: $5.3)

Venture building

We co-create companies that achieve our clients’ strategic goals. We ideate, launch, and scale profitable companies. From market testing and product development to digital marketing, HR, sales, and legal issues, we do everything to ensure the success of an independent, agile business. Our goal was to best understand each of the target groups that our client wanted to reach. A thorough analysis of these groups helped us create reliable and effective concepts and select influencers for them.

Our client

The project, initiated by Innovatika, was carried out with experienced co-founders and Business Angels who wanted to enter the Health & Fitness market in the United States. The goal was to develop a solution that would assist people in really staying motivated to increase and maintain their level of physical activity.


During the pandemic and in the post-pandemic period, the level of physical activity among citizens of many countries decreased significantly. In the case of US residents, the statistics are not encouraging. 75% do not exercise regularly, while 64% say they would like to increase their physical activity levels.

Our challenge was to create a Health & Fitness solution that makes it easier for users to stay in shape and increase and maintain a satisfactory level of physical activity.

We chose the United States as the place for our market debut. However, our solution 
is universal in nature, so we are considering introducing it to other markets.

Our goals

Our goal was to conduct the whole process of creating a product, from coming up with an idea to putting a working solution on the market.

This required developing a business model and designing, creating, and implementing a solution that supports users in staying physically active.

Key actions

We focused on Americans’ physical activity behaviors and habits.

Based on market and competitive analysis and the team’s knowledge, we came up with a number of possible business models whose assumptions were tested on the market.

We identified the key impacts of a lack of regular physical activity.

We decided to build a mobile game based on the tests conducted in the project’s first phase.

After six weeks, the game’s first version was created, which we immediately tested. The product is still under development.


A mobile application with gamification elements created by our company:

  • motivates through entertainment,
  • does not command, but encourages,
  • educates the public about physical activity being more than just intense exercise,
  • provides instant gratification,
  • helps build healthy habits,
  • in the future will allow cooperation and competition with other players.
In the first version, the game tracked users’ steps, but in the future, we intend to focus on different types of physical activity.

Results after 6 months of testing are very promising:

at a player acquisition cost 
of $3.1 (at >$5 market average)

after 28 days (with 2% among 
the top casual games)

use the app daily 
(at a 7% market average 
among casual games)

Client benefits

The project secured funding from 3 Business Angels, allowing it to make its mark on the Health & Fitness market in the US.

The solution we created earned us a place among the prestigious finalists of the Webit competition in Sofia.

Users about us

The app is getting very good feedback from App Store users. Here is one of them:

I love this app, this motivates me to move more because I want to complete all of the galaxies.
I am excited to see more of them as they come out!


Mobile applications are an excellent channel for many businesses to reach and retain customers.

With this kind of solution, we can test out different business models and build and launch the first version of a mobile game in a few weeks.

Thanks to the continued analysis of users’ needs, we are able to constantly improve the quality and systematically add functionalities to the game, while obtaining high ratings for the usability and commercial value of the product.

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