Although electromobility is still in its infancy, it expands rapidly, and it undoubtedly can change the way we think about many sectors and industries within just several years. And we don’t talk here only about the motor industry or taxis. Electromobility has everything it takes to become a massive shift in almost every business and our mobility in general. Is your company ready for the next revolution?

Electromobility matters everywhere

Courier services, taxis, carsharing, transportation, shipment, shopping, restaurants and clinics, energy production, marketing and commerce, mineral excavation, travelling, recycling–these are just a few examples of businesses and sectors that electromobility will transform in no time. It may be difficult to imagine it right now when we are just at the doorstep of this revolution, but it definitely is at the door and knocks loudly. Naturally, there are many obstacles in the way, and Total Cost of Ownership of EV is one of the biggest. Currently, electric vehicles are still expensive. But as the technology popularizes, prices will also go down, and TCO will no longer be a concern. The first signs are already visible–at the beginning of 2019, Great Wall Motor company introduced “the World’s Cheapest Electric Car” which costs less than $9,000!

The petroleum-derived fuels are the thing of the past. Our known oil deposits will run out in about 53 years. The same gas–around 52 years. That begs the question, what next? The answer is electricity and electromobility. In fact, it already happens. According to research, the worldwide number of battery electric vehicles in 2012 was around 113,000. In 2018, this number was 3,290,800That’s over 2800% increase! And it goes up every day. 

The infrastructure grows along with car sales

Even though in 2017 electric vehicle sales accounted for only 1% of total car sales, this growth is predicted to speed up. For instance, the UK has set growth of EVs to accelerate up to 2030, when EVs could account for 69% of passenger car sales and 57% of light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales.

The number of EV charging points grows simultaneously with electric car sales. In mid-November, Boris Johnson pledged an investment in Britain’s electric car charging network–with a vision that no electric vehicle owner should be more than 30 miles (48 km) away from their nearest charge point. And these words were not said in vain. In 2011, there were around 1,500 EV charging stations in the UK. In 2019, there are over 26,000! That’s over 1600% growth!

I think you get the picture. Oil runs out, and electric mobility enlarges. Soon your company will have to adopt this technology as well. The electric revolution will cover almost every industry and create new business opportunities. You can’t afford to overlook this opportunity!

Is your company ready for the electromobility revolution?

“The spread of electric cars will entail the beginning of the new business models related to the charging infrastructure of these vehicles. Shopping centres or restaurants can install chargers in their parking spaces to attract electrified drivers. What’s more, it seems natural in a such situation that businesses should offer special loyalty programs for EV owners. While shopping centres can use the infrastructure of the chargers to expand their offer, gas stations will be forced to develop new business models. We can predict that traditional gas stations will no longer be as necessary as they are now, due to many alternatives to charge your car. The challenge that gas stations will face is to provide a satisfying consumer experience during several minutes of charging a car. Simultaneously, they will have to maximize the revenue from each charge. It will be possible mostly by offering many additional services. Shortly, you will spend a dozen or so instead of just a few minutes at the gas station.”

says Marcin Zioło, Product Management Specialist at Innovatika

In the near future, every company will have to acknowledge and respect EV owners and their needs much more than it happens today. EV chargers by the entrance to every shop, clinic or restaurant will be a common sight. Company vehicles will mostly be 100% electric, and every company will have its own charging stations. The network of charging stations based on sharing economy will be in every house and apartment building. Urban charging stations will be on every corner of every street.

It’s time for you! 

Now, you face a big question – is your company ready for this silent electromobility revolution? Now is the right time to think about developing the necessary infrastructure, and, perhaps, new business models as well. Today, you still have a significant time advantage. Turn it into a success and become a groundbreaker in your industry!

We are always keen to talk with you about implementing new technologies and modern solutions to your business. Just drop us a line and let’s talk about your challenges. Together, we will harness electromobility in your company!