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How to reinvent your business? As a part of the devised process, we indicated five stages of reinvention.
Multiple authors | Innovatika

| < 1 min read

Banking is constantly evolving, along with the market and customers. Many companies and institutions try to predict trends and think about how this sector will look like in the near future.
Multiple authors | Innovatika

| 9 min read

We asked our Design Studio’s people to share thoughts about their daily work. We must remain on the user’s side and advocate their rights, such as the right to privacy.
Design Team | Innovatika

| 9 min read

Not only millions of people have lost their jobs, thousands of businesses have shut down altogether and the global economy is in dire straits. What else has changed in business?
Tomasz Jastrzębski | Innovation Expert

| 6 min read

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