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Start-up of the Month by Innovatika: Pharmacy, February 2023

Through advanced scientific knowledge and technological innovation, pharmacy is creating a better, healthier future for societies around the world.

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Navigating innovation with AI startups in insurance

The industry known for its conservatism is standing on the brink of a digital renaissance powered by AI startups in insurance.

Mateusz Florczak | Innovation Manager

How to create value-added services in the life insurance industry?

In recent years, the life insurance industry has undergone a transformation by offering value-added services that go beyond the traditional scope of policies.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

Unraveling the impact of value-added services in general insurance

In a highly competitive market, insurers are increasingly focusing on providing value-added services to policyholders.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

Start-up of the Month by Innovatika: INSURANCE, September 2023

Traditional insurance companies are facing increasing competition from new insurtech startups that are using technology to disrupt the status quo.

Jakub Turniak | Product & Innovation Analyst

Creating a visionary retail strategy for the future

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, retailers must look beyond short-term tactics and instead focus on developing a robust strategy.

Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska | CEO

AI Startups: pioneers of the retail revolution

The retail sector is undergoing a seismic shift, catalyzed by an influx of AI startups that are redefining the shopping experience.

Mateusz Florczak | Innovation Manager

Embracing ESG principles in retail: Leading the way to sustainable commerce

The shift towards ESG isn’t just about responding to expectations; it’s about redefining the nature of retail itself.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

Missed opportunities in retail: unveiling the path to success

We explore some of the most common missed opportunities in retail and offer insights on how retailers can seize them to drive success.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

Innovation Strategy in Retail: paving the path to sustainable growth

We explore the significance of innovation strategy in retail and how retailers can adopt it to stay ahead of the competition.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

Start-up of the Month by Innovatika July 2023 RETAIL

Discover how innovation and creativity is revolutionizing the world of retail in the first part of our “Startup of the month” series.

Jakub Turniak | Product & Innovation Analyst