Jakub Turniak | Product & Innovation Analyst | 7 min read

Start-up of the Month by Innovatika: Pharmacy, February 2023

Through advanced scientific knowledge and technological innovation, pharmacy is creating a better, healthier future for societies around the world.

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Top 5 UX mistakes that prevent you from increasing website conversions

We examine 5 most common UX mistakes that might be scaring your potential clients away. Let’s find out how you can fix them and finally focus on increasing your website conversions.

Iga Stachowicz | Growth Manager

5 successful insurtech apps and lessons banks can draw from them

In the coming years, decentralization will be a prevailing trend in the business and tech sectors. In order to thrive large corporations will have to learn from and work with start-ups.

Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska | CEO

6 Big Trends that let fintech become a catalyst for retail transformation

Nowadays, the FinTech industry flourishes and transforms along with the e-commerce and retail industries. COVID-19 has created an entirely new scenery of buying and selling products and services.

Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska | CEO

Business reinvention in the times of an epidemic

From disrupted supply chains to abrupt shifts in consumer behavior, the impact of epidemic on business is profound and pervasive.

Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska | CEO

3×3 – Great And Poor CX Design Tactics That Influence Your Product

Every single day, both your and our teams immerse ourselves into industry trends, build profitable business models, validate concepts, and roll out groundbreaking digital products.

Gaba Jordan | Head of Product Design

These 18 Polish Companies Survive The COVID-19 Storm Better Than Others

For many polish companies COVID-19 pandemic proves to be a very tough challenge. Let’s examine the ones who deal with it best.

Gaba Jordan | Head of Product Design

6 Main Business Shifts Caused By COVID-19

Today, we can say with full confidence that 2020 will be remembered as a year that created a major worldwide shift in how we do business.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

How To Create Modern Supply Chain In COVID-19 Times?

During pandemic supply chain is more and more collapsing. We’re presenting some ideas to create modern unbreakable supply chain.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director

Revolution of retail: navigating the post-pandemic marketplace

The coronavirus pandemic has acted as a catalyst for profound transformation within the retail sector, propelling it into a future punctuated by uncertainty, yet ripe with opportunity.

Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska | CEO

Can Blockchain Change Digital Marketing?

Is it possible that blockchain technology will affect not only cryptocurrencies? Let’s have a closer look at this case.

Jerzy Kurgan | Managing Director