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Intensive 2-day training workshop for business leaders
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Masterclass: AI-based Business Models

is an indispensable source of practical and proven knowledge that will enable you to effectively use the potential of Artificial Intelligence in running your business.
expected increase in employee productivity in 2023 through 
the use of AI
source: PWC
this is how many companies say AI is a key priority in their business plans
source: Forbes

This Masterclass focuses on the effective use of existing technology 
to enhance business benefits.


Detailed, proven knowledge of AI in business
Artificial intelligence is more than a temporary trend. It's a powerful wave of change that will change the way we create and run businesses forever. From operational efficiency to the creation of new products and services, AI guarantees entirely new opportunities. With our training, you'll see how to use them effectively.
New business opportunities
AI is not only new tools, but also a source of revolutionary new ideas. Our workshop will show you how to find them and transform them into innovative business models that generate value for customers and increase your company's profits.
Greater operational and strategic efficiency
During the training you will learn practical tips and see how AI can help you optimize your company's processes. You will also learn methods to identify areas where the use of AI will bring the most benefit.
Readiness for the coming revolution
Artificial Intelligence is the overarching direction of digital evolution, and it is constantly gaining relevance. Through our workshop, you will gain the skills necessary to meet future challenges and take advantage of the opportunities opened up by the growing development of AI.
Intensive workshop work
Our workshops are not only an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, but to actively exchange views and experiences with representatives of other companies and industries.

What questions will you get answers to?

How is and will artificial intelligence affect business models?
How do I identify areas in my company that can benefit from AI?
How to optimize costs and increase profit using AI?
How to create a strategy and start implementing AI in a company?
How to create new products and services using AI?
How do you build additional value for your customers and personalize your relationship with them?

For whom is this Masterclass dedicated?

Managers, directors, board members who need to learn how to implement the latest AI tools to discover new strategic and operational sources of value.
Employees associated with strategic operations, such as product management, innovation deployment, marketing, supply chain management, and talent management, who are seeking to transition to an AI-based business and operating model.
People responsible for digital transformation in the organization.

Workshop agenda

Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in modern business
  • Definition of AI and its key concepts.
  • Discuss the history and current trends in AI.
  • Examples of the use of AI in various industries.
Understand the basic AI technologies used in business
  • An overview of technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, recommendation systems, etc.
  • Use cases and applications for each of these technologies.
How AI is and will continue to affect business models
  • Discuss key aspects of the business model and how AI can optimize them.
  • Case studies of companies that have successfully integrated AI into their business models.
Assessing the potential of AI for your business
  • How to identify areas of your company that can benefit from AI.
  • Ways to assess opportunities and risks associated with AI implementation.
Planning and implementing AI in your business model
  • A step-by-step process for planning and implementing AI.
  • How to build an AI team and choose the right tools.
Measuring the effects and optimizing the use of AI
  • How to monitor and measure the effectiveness of AI.
  • Optimization and iterative improvement techniques for AI systems.
Ethics and regulation of AI in business
  • Discuss the basic ethical and legal principles regarding the use of AI.
  • The impact of regulation on AI business strategies.

What will you get after the workshop?

Individual consultation with Innovatika experts (2h)
Training materials with commentary by trainers
Map of proven AI tools to use
Innovatika Masterclass completion certificate


Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska

CEO, Innovatika
Serial entrepreneur, expert in discovering market opportunities and turning them into successful digital businesses and products. Since 2010, she has been building businesses for corporations, angel investors and Innovatika.

Jerzy Kurgan

Venture Architect, Innovatika
Experienced innovator with a 14-year history of working in the financial and digital services industry. Skilled in product management, building business models, innovation development and go-to-market strategies.

Maciej Dzierżek

Venture Architect, Innovatika
Maciej has been building online solutions in a variety of industries for 22 years. He combines a business approach with effective sales and technology to optimize commercial success.


An advanced chatbot developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT architecture. Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand and answer questions in natural language. A basic and key tool for working with AI.

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