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The world of insurance is in a constant process of transformation that seems even more fascinating than ever before.

Therefore, we gathered a group of financial experts and policyholders and analyzed these changes. The result of our work is this report, which includes

In the report we discuss

the impact of each trend on the industry while showing what solutions can be implemented based on it. The report provides leaders with valuable insights to help them understand this time of intense change.

This report is for you if you want to:

  • keep up to date with industry trends
  • know the challenges that will rise in the market
  • learn about specific solutions
  • gear up for the coming future

What does the report contain?

Among the 24 trends presented in the report, you'll find some that relate to:
  • many new needs of younger generations
  • the strong impact of aging populations
  • increasing urbanization and micromobility
  • the growing importance of eco-development
  • the burst of data from IoT devices
  • advanced conversational AI
  • building integrated digital applications and platforms
  • development of telematics and physical robotics

Top executives of leading institutions in the insurance, banking, payments and technology industries, as well as brand and innovative solution developers, contributed to the report.

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2 650 PLN

  • A report describing the 24 most valuable trends along with the impact on the insurance industry and 150 examples of solutions.
  • Ability to share the report internally with the entire organization, without external publication rights.
  • Delivered by email
  • Format: pdf
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 91
  • Author: Innovatika
  • Publication date: November
Report + presentation workshops

Report + presentation workshops

3 950 PLN

  • Report
  • A 3-hour presentation workshop with discussion of trends, Q&A session and additional inspirations.
  • Meeting on a mutually scheduled date at the company's headquarters with a team of up to 12 people.
  • Innovatika experts from the financial industry will lead the workshop.
+ presentation workshops + strategic workshops

+ presentation workshops + strategic workshops

price matched to the scope of the workshop
  • Report + presentation workshop
  • An 8-hour strategy workshop with selection of key trends, their impact on the business model and joint development of strategy and solution concepts.
  • Workshop for up to 18 people, at the company's headquarters on a mutually scheduled date.
  • Innovatika experts and analysts from the financial industry will lead the workshop.

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