Health and Wellness: A Universal Priority

Health and wellness have universally become top priorities, not just for individuals but also for companies. Fitale was created to support a healthy lifestyle. The application takes users on a cosmic journey in a rocket ship. Your steps generate fuel, which you use to explore the mysteries of various planets, aiming to create a comprehensive cosmos database. It combines physical activity with education through gamification. Users gain satisfaction from achieving goals both in the app and through movement, motivating further action and helping to establish healthy habits.

Fitale for Employees and Clients

You can offer Fitale to your employees or clients, thanks to its ability to fully integrate with your systems, such as an existing application.

Launching Our First Rocket

Fitale was created by the Innovatika team with the American market in mind, targeting individual users. Currently, Fitale, affectionately called our “beloved child,” is entering the Polish market and is being offered to business clients.

And I am overjoyed that I am starting my adventure in the company’s management board!
Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska
Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska
CEO, Fitale

Health Benefits of Fitale

According to the World Health Organization, just 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week can significantly improve physical and mental health. Fitale translates this principle into a motivating and interactive game that engages users daily. The reward system, educational elements, and interactive tasks transform mundane activities like walking or running into exciting challenges that not only encourage movement but also educate on the importance of health and well-being.

Fitale in the Corporate Space

Fitale offers companies personalized app experiences and full integration with their systems. This is particularly attractive to organizations integrating health and wellness into their corporate culture. Here are some key ways companies can utilize Fitale:

  1. Increasing Customer Engagement: Regular health and educational challenges that the company can organize via the app allow for daily interaction with customers. This is an excellent way to promote the brand and its social commitments and maintain constant engagement with the customer.
  2. Improving Employee Wellbeing: Companies can offer Fitale as part of their employee benefits package, which helps improve employees’ physical and mental health. The app can also serve as a platform for team building through shared health challenges and competitions, enhancing team cohesion.
  3. Supporting ESG Goals (Environmental, Social, and Governance): Fitale enables companies to fulfill their ESG commitments by promoting a healthy lifestyle, increasing environmental awareness, and engaging in charitable activities. The app can function as an educational tool and a platform for delivering information in an engaging and interactive format.

Integration and Personalization

Fitale offers extensive integration and personalization options, allowing the application to be tailored to the specific needs and business goals of each company. Businesses can create their own “Galaxies” within the app, reflecting their diverse business objectives and corporate values. These galaxies can include specific health challenges, educational information, and rewards that encourage users to regularly interact with the brand.

Companies can also use Fitale to conduct marketing campaigns, uniquely engaging customers. For example, a company can organize a health event where participants compete in earning “steps” and achieving health goals, while also having the chance to win prizes or gain exclusive offers.


Fitale is not just an app that motivates movement for health and education; it is a platform that can revolutionize the way companies engage in the well-being and wellness of their customers and employees. With personalization and integration into existing systems, Fitale can enhance corporate health initiatives, drive customer and employee engagement, and support organizational goals in a fun and interactive way.