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Our approach

Focus on business goals
We take a holistic approach that integrates knowledge with practice, enabling us to focus on achieving important business objectives.
Innovation & flexibility
We stand for finding and implementing innovative solutions, always taking into account dynamically changing business needs and technological opportunities.
Technology agnostic
We are not technology providers, so our work is independent and focused on your business goals. We select dedicated technology solutions to meet business needs.
In the AI area, we help you unleash the potential of artificial intelligence in your business applications. From key business model changes to AI implementation, you will find experience and comprehensive support with us.


Our goal is to deliver the greatest value to the user and the business.
Exploration of potential
We provide training and strategic workshops to introduce organizations and management teams to the world of business application of AI.
Identifying opportunities
The organisation, its business model and processes, and its environment are throughly analysed to identify specific opportunities to exploit.
Building strategy
Carrying out strategic work enables us to prepare the organization to leverage AI capabilities as part of a coherent strategy and business model
Mapping solutions
We identify and analyze practical technology solutions and develop implementation initiatives in line with business objectives.
By preparing the verification of implementation concepts, we carry out implementations, and by analyzing the results we optimize the selection and implementation of solutions.
Reinforcing implementation
After the implementation, we ensure competitiveness by tracking and reporting on trends of new solutions, as well as training and strategic work to broaden the scope of past work.

What we can do together​

We nurture your product or business at every stage of its development.

Exploration of AI potential

To provide your organization with a solid understanding of AI tools and their business potential, we start the implementation process with education. We offer your team an advanced Masterclass on AI to deepen your knowledge of the technology, law, ethics and processes involved in artificial intelligence. Our team of experts will present the theory, in an accessible and engaging way, using case studies and practical exercises.
Dedicated for:
  • This stage helps to cohere the knowledge and awareness of the potential of artificial intelligence in an organization.
  • Understanding the basic principles of AI implementation is essential to effectively utilize its capabilities in any organization.
  • Leaders and employees with a better understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations can more effectively carry out the process of developing and implementing AI strategies.

Identifying Opportunities for AI

A thorough analysis of the organization and its environment is the second stage of implementation. It allows you to identify areas of your business model and processes where artificial intelligence can bring the most benefit to your company. Our experts will conduct in-depth interviews, carefully analyze internal documentation and aggregated data, and look at industry reports and statistical data. The prepared analysis will be used to conduct an exploration workshop, where together we will confirm key opportunities and possibilities.
Dedicated for:
  • The analysis helps identify specific areas where artificial intelligence can bring the greatest benefit.
  • The collaborative opportunity mapping process engages key stakeholders in the organization, which contributes to greater commitment to implementation.
  • The team develops awareness of available opportunities and creates a favorable environment for development.

Building AI Strategy

After identifying opportunities and possibilities for implementing artificial intelligence, we create an AI strategy that will become a roadmap for changes in the organization's business model. We enrich the analytical work with strategic workshops led by experienced experts. They will cover the creation of a business model, identification of key advantages, definition of goals and key metrics, as well as necessary resources and competencies.
Dedicated for:
  • Developing a coherent and thoughtful AI strategy is key to its successful implementation and maximizing benefits.
  • A strategy provides a framework for investment to bring real value to your organization.

Mapping AI Solutions

Solution mapping focuses on identifying and evaluating available solutions and tools for their alignment with an organization's needs and goals. The scouting service we provide involves exploration, functional analysis, mapping of needs and calculating costs against expected benefits. Based on the results of the scouting, we develop a plan for initiatives and execute preliminary tests on non-production data. This allows us to further evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed solutions.
Dedicated for:
  • Mapping and testing existing solutions allows us to quickly verify their suitability and select the appropriate tool.
  • Testing helps assess the potential effectiveness of solutions before full implementation.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions ensures that the tools ultimately selected are cost-effective and will deliver the expected benefits.

AI Delivery

We start the implementation stage by preparing the so-called Proof of Concept. We will conduct tests of the selected solution with the target users on real processes. Providing them with support and monitoring the results they achieve, we draw conclusions for improvement. In case of positive results of the test implementation, we support the organization in the target implementation of the tools and technology. We evaluate the results of the team and possible external suppliers.
Dedicated for:
  • Conducting tests on a selected group of users will enable a thorough validation of the usability of the tool/technology and fit to the organization.
  • A small group of users and narrow scale of implementation saves time and resources for full-scale fixes.
  • Expert support during and after implementation will ensure the process runs smoothly and provides the necessary guidance.

Reinforcing AI Implementation

We constantly monitor the changing market and new solutions to ensure your organization remains competitive, even after implementation. As part of our Innovation Alert service, we will look for and oversee market news and trends, which we will regularly share in an accessible and inspiring format. In addition, we will take care of preparing further development workshops for your employees. The effects of implementing AI tools are visible quickly, so we are ready to continue implementations and expand the scope of the applied technology in accordance with the adopted strategy.
Dedicated for:
  • Technologies related to artificial intelligence are developing very quickly, so constantly updating your knowledge and skills is essential to keep your entire organization competitive.
  • Regularly tracking and analyzing new solutions allows you to adapt to the changing environment.
  • Expanding the scope of the implementation allows you to maximize its business impact and reap new benefits.

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