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In the domain of Customer Experience, we prioritize the creation of exceptional interactions that resonate with clients, ensuring satisfaction, loyalty, and brand advocacy through every touchpoint.
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Our approach

We integrate empathy in our process. Our solutions are not just about numbers or trends but are centered around the people who drive your business – your customers and your team.
Focused on the future
In line with our value to be future makers, we embrace the constant unpredictability in the business landscape and turn it into creative, future-oriented strategies for your company.
Driven by business results
Our commitment to provide tangible results means we don’t just generate ideas but ensure they are implemented effectively. We provide outcomes that can be measured and felt.

Our expertise

Market Intelligence

We harness data-driven insights, deep industry knowledge and results of qualitative research and turn them into digestible information, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth of your business.

Design Thinking

We use iterative process to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Service Design

We embrace a fusion of technology and innovation to design products services that are user-centric and easy to use, enhancing your customers’ satisfaction and setting your brand apart from the competition.

Strategy Assessment

We combine creative thinking with detailed analysis to create resilient and transformative roadmaps for your business’s future. We connect the needs of customers and your business.

Our process

Our goal is to deliver the greatest value to the user and the business.
Defining the purpose of the project and building a joint team. Recognizing the situation, inspiring trends and business models.
Identification of key criteria and assumptions Collaborative generation of ideas and concepts and prototyping new business models.
Research & Testing
Building Business Cases based on market verification and optimization of the value proposition.
Support or execution of implementation on the basis of processes and tools that allow to shorten time-to-market.
Boosting & Scaling
Providing support in defining and implementing transformations as well as scaling existing solutions.

What we can do together​

We create digital products and support our clients at every stage of the design process

Usability Testing

We do product usability research, engaging real users in interactions with interfaces to uncover insights that improve the user experience. By identifying pain points, this guides improvements, ensuring products are tailored to users' requirements.
Dedicated for:
  • Teams crafting products valuing usability research to enhance UX, tapping into real users' insights to refine interfaces.
  • UX Researchers and Designers, identifying pain points and navigation hurdles through hands-on interactions and iterative testing.
  • Companies prioritizing user-centered offerings, using usability research to ensure intuitive, efficient products aligned with target audience needs.

UX Audits

We analyse user interactions in the digital environment to identify potential improvements. By assessing usability, accessibility, and design, we provide practical recommendations for improving satisfaction, streamlining interactions, and enhancing the user journey.
Dedicated for:
  • Product Managers aiming to enhance digital product user experience through comprehensive evaluation.
  • Business leaders, recognizing UX's financial impact, striving to boost interactions and user satisfaction for improved digital product success.
  • Companies prioritizing streamlined interactions and superior user journeys, leveraging UX Audit for standout usability and design excellence in their products.

CX Research & Analysis

We analyse customer experiences, attitudes, and feedback to optimize interactions with products and services. Through a thorough examination of each touchpoint in the customer journey, this service refines the solution and enhances satisfaction.
Dedicated for:
  • Customer Experience Managers, analysing CX and feedback to optimize interactions with products and services.
  • Marketing and Strategy Teams, examining touchpoints in customer journeys to foster satisfaction and lasting relationships.
  • Market Leaders prioritizing customer-centric success, using CX strategies to enhance satisfaction, build enduring relationships, and ensure long-term business prosperity.

CX Strategy Development

We craft custom strategies for comprehensive customer experience enhancement, aligning business goals with customers expectations. Empowering meaningful connections and loyalty, our service strategically delivers exceptional customers’ journeys.
Dedicated for:
  • Customer Experience Managers crafting strategies aligning business goals with customer expectations for enhanced touchpoint experiences.
  • Business Leaders building loyalty and connections via CX Strategy, creating standout customer journeys in competitive markets.
  • Companies excelling in customer-focused settings, leveraging strategic plans for improved experiences, loyalty, and impactful business outcomes.

Visual Communication (Re)Design

We transform complex concepts into engaging visualizations that effectively convey business messages. Our service combines artistry and strategic communication to engage audiences with distinctive visual narratives.
Dedicated for:
  • Communication Experts simplifying complex concepts into captivating visuals for effective business communication.
  • Business Leaders, enhancing brand identity and engagement with visually impactful content aligned with communication goals.
  • Managers, translating intricate concepts into powerful visual narratives across mediums, bridging complexity and clear messaging for optimal audience engagement.

Sustainability Assessment

We assess the environmental impact of products and services throughout their lifecycle to assist companies in making eco-friendly choices and reducing their carbon footprint. Our service identifies improvements and sustainable alternatives tailored to customer needs.
Dedicated for:
  • Product Teams, evaluating products' environmental impact and using insights to guide eco-friendly choices.
  • Decision-makers, reducing their organization's carbon footprint, using assessments to find sustainable alternatives.
  • Companies dedicated to sustainability and responsible practices, relying on Sustainability Assessment for data-driven insights that inform environmentally conscious decisions.

Our projects

Communicating fashion collections

Which process should be used to communicate new clothing collections? We created a process based on customer needs.

Space journey to health

Encouraging physical activity through the game by an app that combines mobile gaming with Health & Fitness.

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