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In the field of Strategy, we specialize in creating innovative frameworks that enable companies to achieve sustainable growth and market leadership by integrating various aspects into a coordinated structure.
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Our approach

We integrate empathy in our process. Our solutions are not just about numbers or trends but are centered around the people who drive your business – your customers and your team.
Focused on the future
In line with our value to be future makers, we embrace the constant unpredictability in the business landscape and turn it into creative, future-oriented strategies for your company.
Driven by business results
Our commitment to provide tangible results means we don’t just generate ideas but ensure they are implemented effectively. We provide outcomes that can be measured and felt.

Our expertise

Market Intelligence

We harness data-driven insights, deep industry knowledge and results of qualitative research and turn them into digestible information, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth of your business.

Design Thinking

We use iterative process to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Service Design

We embrace a fusion of technology and innovation to design products services that are user-centric and easy to use, enhancing your customers’ satisfaction and setting your brand apart from the competition.

Strategy Assessment

We combine creative thinking with detailed analysis to create resilient and transformative roadmaps for your business’s future. We connect the needs of customers and your business.

Our process

Our goal is to deliver the greatest value to the user and the business.
Defining the purpose of the project and building a joint team. Recognizing the situation, inspiring trends and business models.
Identification of key criteria and assumptions Collaborative generation of ideas and concepts and prototyping new business models.
Research & Testing
Building Business Cases based on market verification and optimization of the value proposition.
Support or execution of implementation on the basis of processes and tools that allow to shorten time-to-market.
Boosting & Scaling
Providing support in defining and implementing transformations as well as scaling existing solutions.

What we can do together​

We nurture your product or business at every stage of its development.

Market Research & Analysis

We analyze consumer behavior, industry trends, and competitive actions. Our goal is to gain valuable data-driven insights that enable informed decision-making, strategy implementation, sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
Dedicated for:
  • Businesses seeking insights and comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour patterns, industry trends, and competition.
  • Decision-makers and strategists, aiming to make informed decisions and develop effective growth plans for a competitive edge.
  • Strategic planners, aiming to align strategies with market dynamics, gaining an upper hand in competitive environments through valuable insights.

Internal Research & Analysis

Our approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. It involves analyzing internal processes and performance indicators. We carry out the environmental surveys, encouraging employees to share ideas. Taking feedback from experienced workers is crucial for enhancing internal processes.
Dedicated for:
  • Enterprises seeking to uncover concealed prospects and optimize operational efficiency through the scrutiny of internal processes, employees' feedback, and performance metrics.
  • Leaders striving to nurture a culture of ongoing improvement.
  • Strategic planners, aiming to align organizational strategies with the outcomes of internal research, harnessing insights to drive informed decision-making advancements.

Business Models Generation

We lead entrepreneurs in crafting innovative, sustainable business models. Our approach deploys cutting-edge tactics to unlock revenue streams, ensuring lasting success. Optimization comes by integrating key business elements.
Dedicated for:
  • Enterprises seeking adaptable business models that pave the way for growth and resilience.
  • Companies aiming to diversify revenue streams and stay competitive, leveraging cutting-edge strategies to secure long-term success.
  • Business leaders, wanting to optimize their business model elements for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring their organization remains agile and profitable.

Innovation Strategy Development

We create frameworks that empower organizations to foster a culture of creativity, aligning business objectives with pioneering approaches. This enables them to lead disruptive innovation, outpace the competition, and attain lasting success.
Dedicated for:
  • Organisations that want to cultivate innovation as a strategic driver by fostering a culture of creativity and idea execution.
  • Executives who want to align goals with innovative approaches and use strategy to drive disruptive innovation.
  • Organisations that recognise the importance of innovation in staying ahead of the competition and want a dedicated plan to guide them towards breakthrough solutions.

Digital Strategy Development

We provide companies with a roadmap, harnessing the potential of technology and digital channels to improve operations, engage customers and boost profitability. This fosters a digital ecosystem for continued growth and market leadership.
Dedicated for:
  • Organisations pursuing digital transformation through comprehensive strategies that optimise operations, sales, and customer engagement.
  • Digital leaders, navigating confidently in the digital landscape, using data-driven insights and innovative approaches to drive growth and online presence.
  • Strategists seeking to harness artificial intelligence and new technologies to advance businesses.

ESG Strategy Development

We help organizations integrate ESG goals into core strategies, promoting sustainability and responsible practices. Aligning objectives enhances reputation, builds trust, positioning firms for success in a values-driven market.
Dedicated for:
  • Sustainability executives, which are responsible for aligning business strategies with environmental and social considerations to ensure long-term practices.
  • Leaders aim to engage stakeholders and position their brand as a leader in sustainable business practices.
  • Enterprises seeking to navigate and prosper in a marketplace fuelled by conscious consumerism and establishing a robust ethical foundation.

Strategy implementation

We bridge the gap between strategic planning and execution, translating strategies into actionable steps. By aligning resources, processes, and teams, our service boosts implementation, empowering organizations for goal achievement.
Dedicated for:
  • Business Executives who want to ensure that their strategic plans are effectively translated into actionable steps.
  • Project teams, tasked with implementing strategic initiatives, who seek the capability to align resources and processes to execute seamlessly.
  • Organisations aim to achieve their goals and enhance their performance by filling the gap between their strategic intention and actual outcomes.

Strategic Studies & Foresight

We provide profound insights into global trends, emerging tech, and business shifts, empowering decisions, and agile strategies amidst uncertainty. Our research and foresight act as a business compass, fostering adaptability and resilience.
Dedicated for:
  • Managers seeking comprehensive insights into global trends and emerging technologies, allowing them to make proactive decisions.
  • Decision-makers who value a dependable business compass, combining meticulous research and forward-thinking analysis.
  • Companies navigating complex environments and wishing to stay ahead of the game, employ foresight to steer strategically through uncertainty.

Our projects

Communicating fashion collections

Which process should be used to communicate new clothing collections? We created a process based on customer needs.

Space journey to health

Encouraging physical activity through the game by an app that combines mobile gaming with Health & Fitness.

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