Green and smart energy focuses on generating, storing, and managing energy efficiently without degradation of the environment. The core of it lies in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen power, coupled with advanced technologies like smart grids and energy storage systems. 

Energizing the future 

The green and smart energy sector is not just about natural resources; it’s a hotbed of innovation, where research integrates with practical application. Recent years have witnessed advancements in this field. From improvements in solar panel efficiency and design of wind turbine to the development of smart grid systems that optimize energy distribution and usage. 

The driving force behind this industry comes from an urgent need to address climate change and the growing global demand for sustainable energy solutions. This sector’s growth is further fueled by supportive government policies and increasing public awareness about environmental issues. 

Leaders in this industry are those who invest in research and development. The pace of product development in green and smart energy is rapid, reflecting the sector’s commitment to discover better, more sustainable ways to meet our energy needs. 

Innovators in Green & Smart Energy

Welcome to “Startup of the Month by Innovatika”, our new series of articles designed to showcase the innovative edge that is shaping the future of business across the globe. Our mission? To highlight, each month, startups that are redefining industries, reinventing technology, and reshaping societal norms.

BeFC: Miniature batteries based on organic materials – France

Collecting and recycling small batteries is complicated and expensive. Each year, 15 billion of them are thrown away, with 97% ending up in landfills or incinerators. To solve this problem, BeFC has developed thin, lightweight, and flexible paper bioenergy cells. BeFC’s technology generates electrical energy from glucose and oxygen, common biofuels, although with a lower output voltage compared to conventional batteries. Thanks to the use of organic materials, these batteries are recyclable and free from metals and toxic materials. BeFC’s solutions are ideal for short-term applications such as logistics tracking and disposable medical tests.

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FusionOne: Turning plastic waste into energy – Canada

FusionOne could change the way we approach the global plastic waste and energy production problem with its HydroPlas™ reactor. Their technology enables the transformation of plastic waste (sourced from landfills) into pure hydrogen and electrical energy. Unlike traditional methods, the FusionOne process involves thermal decomposition, effectively converting various plastic wastes into a synthetic gas rich in hydrogen. The system is characterized by modularity, low costs, and zero emissions, meeting the growing global demand for hydrogen as a clean energy source.

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De Warmte: Heat capture from the drain water  – Netherlands

De Warmte’s HeatCycle system is a creative approach to home heating. By capitalizing on the everyday activities like showering and dishwashing, it recovers warmth from drain water. This method of harnessing residual heat from wastewater is not only energy efficient but also plays a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions. The HeatCycle system is a prime example of circular heating, where the heat that would otherwise be lost is repurposed, aligning with sustainable living practices and contributing to environmental conservation.

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Hive Power: Energy management enhanced with AI – Switzerland

Hive Power offers a smart energy management platform fueled by AI, FLEXO. Their system enables the optimization of grid-connected elements. Flexo include energy aggregation, management of energy communities under diverse regulatory frameworks, local optimization of household-level energy consumption and storage, and smart electric vehicle (EV) charging. Their platform also features white-label web and mobile apps, along with management tools to engage customers effectively. 

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Cylib: Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling – Germany

Cylib recycling method cuts down the necessity for acids and additives, while ensuring the complete retrieval of all valuable materials from batteries and production scrap. Cylib’s process not only meets but also exceeds existing and forthcoming EU regulatory targets. This innovative approach transforms battery waste into high-quality, marketable materials, with a significantly reduced ecological footprint compared to raw materials sourced from mining. Their holistic, end-to-end recycling solution effectively supports the circular economy, turning waste into high-quality materials. 

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Platio: Solar Pavements for Urban Spaces – Hungary

PLATIO is providing an urban energy solution, designed to decarbonize homes, businesses, and cities. The pavers, embedded with solar panels, generate clean energy for building and devices. Thanks to their versatile design, they can be installed on terraces, driveways, walkways, or other sunny areas. Each paver’s frame is made from recycled plastic, embodying a ‘double green’ initiative. Their solution blends solar technology with modern architecture, offering a sustainable building material for a greener future. 

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Our start-up of the month – December 2023:

Carbo Culture : Biomass transformation into biochar – Finland

Plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis, but burning plant biomass leads to the re-release of this gas. At Carbon Culture, they found a solution – the Carbolysis™ process. In a special reactor, plant waste (biomass) is transformed into biochar, which has the ability to permanently store CO2, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The use of biochar in agriculture not only improves the nutritional value of the soil but also increases its ability to retain water. Gases released during the process can be used to heat urban systems. Creative use of technology can effectively support the fight against the climate catastrophe while providing valuable solutions for the agricultural and urban sectors.

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