Start-up of the Month by Innovatika: Pharmacy, February 2023

Technological development is affecting all sectors of the economy, and pharmacy is not lagging behind. Pharmacy has a key role to play in meeting the challenges of an aging population and the growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Through advanced scientific knowledge and technological innovation, pharmacy is creating a better, healthier future for societies around the world.

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Innovation – the heartbeat of Industry

In recent decades, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone a dynamic transformation due to advances in biotechnology and personalized medicine. Technological and scientific innovations have opened new avenues for targeted therapies, generic drugs, and the development of vaccines, which are changing the face of modern medicine. New treatment options are emerging for diseases previously considered incurable, thanks to investments in research and development.

The pharmaceutical industry’s role is increasingly important in light of global challenges such as aging populations, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and potential pandemics. Additionally, the industry must ensure regulatory compliance, respond to pricing pressures, and maintain the supply chain and drug availability.

To address these challenges, the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly adopting digital solutions. Cloud applications and artificial intelligence are creating new opportunities for the healthcare sector to optimize processes, from research and development to clinical trials, drug manufacturing, and distribution. Digitalization is streamlining operations and enabling products and services to be better tailored to individual patients’ needs, thus improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

Pharmacy innovators

Climedo Health: digitization supports clinical research – Germany

Climedo offers an all-in-one eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment – a method of capturing outcomes data electronically in clinical trials) and EDC (Electronic Data Capture) solution. Their system offers hybrid solutions for non-interventional studies and real-world evidence. They focus on a patient-centric approach and leverage real-time data insights and visualizations around a study’s current progress. By doing so, Climedo empowers its clients to better engage with healthcare professionals and other key opinion leaders. This boosts awareness, stimulates scientific dialogue and accelerates the launch success of new medical innovations, thus reaching more patients faster.

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CurifyLabs: custom drug manufacturing in pharmacies – Finland

For most patients, standard, mass-produced medicines are sufficient. But some patients (such as children or people with cancer) need personalised medicines. Until now, pharmacists have produced these by hand based on prescriptions. CurifyLabs has developed equipment that uses 3D printing technology to produce personalised medicines quickly and efficiently. This solution reduces the time it takes to produce a drug and makes it safer. Pharmaceutical 3D printing is also available to pharmacies and veterinarians.

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Leucine: digital transformation of manufacturing processes – US

Leucine’s platform uses artificial intelligence to help pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with regulations. Available AI copilots perform specialised tasks such as digitisation, creating digital twins of production halls or co-creating production plans. Tools available on the platform are used to monitor production and performance, but also to manage compliance. In addition, the tool provides information that can be used to optimise production processes. The platform aims to transform traditional paper-based production processes into fully digitised and automated workflows, increasing efficiency, reducing the risk of errors and accelerating time-to-market.

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BrightInsight: a platform for creating digital medical solutions – US

Building new digital solutions from scratch in the biopharmaceutical industry is time-consuming. That’s why BrightInsights has created a platform that includes a library of pre-built tools and capabilities. It is a comprehensive solution that enables the launch of regulated products such as applications, algorithms, medical devices or Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) programmes across multiple therapeutic areas. The platform not only accelerates the time to market of new digital products, but also ensures their compliance with current regulations, allowing companies to focus on therapeutic innovation without worrying about technology infrastructure.

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Traverse Health: global health data network – Netherlands

Traverse Health is a provider of Real World Data (RWD – data collected from patients in healthcare systems). RWD is used to assess how a technology works in the real world. Traverse Health acts as a bridge between healthcare organisations and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries by unlocking the full potential of health data. They use machine learning and analytical tools to provide validated information and support data-driven decision making. The company uses anonymised data from more than 5 million patients.

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etectRx: an electronic pill that can be consumed – USA

etectRx’s main product is the ID-Cap system, which enables the monitoring of oral drug consumption. A standard gelatin capsule contains a wireless sensor that is activated by fluid in the patient’s abdomen. When the capsule is swallowed, the sensor emits a digital radio frequency message that is detected by a reader. The ID-Cap system provides secure, real-time tracking of a patient’s medication intake. This supports the accuracy of clinical trials and treatment, and improves adherence to treatment recommendations.

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Data Lake: a platform to recruit patients for research – Poland

Data Lake has created the first blockchain-based platform for recruiting suitable patients and managing consent. Consentify is designed to allow researchers to publish their research and recruit patients, as well as reward medical institutions for acquiring patients. Patients will be able to consent to the sharing of their medical data and receive rewards in the form of $LAKE tokens. In addition, Data Lake provides tools such as patient pathway analytics, a patient consent and engagement management system, patient registries and anonymous health data sets. A key component of their offering is the ability for patients to share their medical history in a secure and compliant manner, giving researchers access to an unprecedented depth of real-world data. Data Lake has partnered with the Give Data Foundation and the Ethical Data Coalition.

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Our start-up of the month:

Netabolics: using AI in R&D processes – Italy

Netabolics specialises in predictive biosimulation for drug discovery. This solution uses a combination of artificial intelligence and digital human cells to predict biological changes in any type of cell. Algorithms create dynamic systems that predict the effects of pharmacological, genetic and environmental factors on human cells in real time. This is expected to speed up drug development decisions before they reach clinical trials. Netabolics reduces risk and cost by providing a personalised approach to drug development.

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