Business reinvention in the times of an epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic has not just been a health crisis – it’s also sparked an extensive economic challenge, compelling businesses to navigate a landscape marred with new obstacles. From disrupted supply chains to abrupt shifts in consumer behavior, the impact is profound and pervasive, demanding a radical rethink of business strategies and operations.

Challenges in Uncharted Waters

Businesses are contending with a multitude of unknowns. The traditional office has been replaced by remote work, digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented pace, and consumer priorities have seen a drastic shift towards health, safety, and convenience. The ability to adapt to these changes swiftly and effectively has become a survival skill for businesses.

The Imperative of Reinvention

In the face of these challenges, mere adaptation isn’t enough. What is required is a comprehensive reinvention. This doesn’t only apply to the digitization of operations or the introduction of new health protocols. It also includes re-examining business models, re-assessing market approaches, and re-envisioning product and service offerings.

Learning from Leaders

Understanding the need for a structured approach to this daunting task, Innovatika reached out to leaders of Polish organizations to gauge their responses to the crisis. This dialogue has culminated in a resource that not only reflects the current business climate but also serves as a guide for navigating the choppy waters of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

Introducing the Business Reinvention Insights Map

Innovatika is proud to offer the “Business Reinvention Insights Map“, a free guide encapsulating the essence of business resilience and adaptability in times of crisis. This 90-page document is a treasury of insights, drawing on the experiences and strategies of Polish business leaders who have faced the epidemic’s challenges head-on.

Inside the Insights Map, readers will discover:

  • A detailed analysis of opportunities, possibilities, strengths, and barriers as identified by those steering their organizations through the crisis.
  • In-depth discussions on processes and approaches for operating effectively amidst uncertainty.
  • A compilation of best practices as employed by Polish companies in their bid to remain competitive and relevant.
  • Vital perspectives from industry leaders, offering a window into the strategic thinking that is driving business continuity and growth during these trying times.

By sharing these findings, Innovatika aims to arm businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to reassess their operational frameworks and embark on a path of reinvention. It’s an opportunity to learn from peers and industry veterans — to understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to forge a way forward when the map of ‘business as usual’ no longer applies. Download it now for free here.

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Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska
Katarzyna is an expert in discovering potential areas for development and turning them into effective businesses, products and services, primarily digital. She concentrates on user-oriented design and quick concept validation. She co-created and organized the Future Makers Challenge, a program connecting corporations with students. Co-creator of The Heart Warsaw. Co-author of the MIT EF accelerator program in Poland. She sits on the Jury of MIT Innovators Under 35 in Europe and South America. A Startups mentor.

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