5 tips to create and launch digital products

How to develop and launch digital products?

We’re all aware that building and implementing of digital solutions takes a clear focus, an open mind and… extensive experience. You will find it in our new guide.

You will find answers to those 5 common mistakes:

  • Excessive excitement, haste, and consequently… loss of vigilance.
  • The same team does the project from start to finish and… it starts to “get stuck”.
  • I can’t count on subcontractors that I choose.
  • When I do something, it must be good and… I forget why I am doing it.
  • I have to act fast, develop my business fast, grow fast and… I waste time and money.

About the resource:

  • Price: free
  • Length: 11 pages
  • Published date: June ’19
  • Language: polish
  • Format: pdf
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Tips for launching digital products

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