Map of AI Startups in Insurance

As the insurance sector undergoes rapid transformation, AI emerges not just as a trend, but as the linchpin for success. Elevate your approach by embracing the world of AI-centric insurance innovations.

Secure your FREE copy of the “Map of AI Startups in Insurance” now, and chart a course towards industry leadership with insight and precision. Through this resource, you will:

  • Uncover startups that are redefining the boundaries of the insurance industry.
  • Harness the power of groundbreaking AI techniques.
  • Get inspiration to revamp yourstrategy for unparalleled growth and efficiency.

About the resource:

  • Price: free
  • Length: 6 pages
  • Published date: September ’23
  • Language: english
  • Format: pdf

In this material we explore startups from following areas:

  1. Customer service
  2. Pricing
  3. Risk analysis and underwriting
  4. Automatisation of processes and sales
  5. Image recognition and visual assesment
  6. Fraud detection

In all areas we take a look at the innovations for both personal and property insurance.

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Map of AI Startups in Insurance

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