Report: AI tools for achieving ESG goals

“AI Tools for achieving ESG Goals” is a report that shows how cutting-edge technology can support your environmental, community advocacy and corporate governance (ESG) efforts.

Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming approaches to identifying risks, developing strategies and monitoring progress toward key ESG goals. Be inspired by examples of AI tools that are already helping organizations achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

Learn how your company can use AI to not only meet requirements, but also set new industry standards. Take a look at the report, which is a guide to effectively using AI to meet ESG goals.

About the report:

  • Price: free
  • Length: 60 pages
  • Publication date: March ’24
  • Language: Polish
  • Format: pdf

Scope of the report:

The report deals with tools that support three stages related to ESG goals in a company:

  1. Implementation of ESG goals
  2. Monitoring of ESG indicators
  3. Reporting

Fill out the form and download your copy of the report. See how artificial intelligence can support your company’s ESG goals.

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AI tools for achieving ESG goals

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