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Over the past few months, many organizations have faced many unknowns, and business operations have taken on a completely different dynamic. We decided to talk to the leaders of Polish organizations and create a report that takes an in-depth look at the business situation during the crisis, and identifies opportunities for development. The Business Reinvention Insights study focuses on identifying opportunities and threats arising from the current market situation in a given industry, as well as collecting examples of effective responses by companies to today’s challenges.

As part of this report, we want to share with you what we discovered by talking to Polish business leaders. We believe that in times of economic crisis caused by COVID-19, it is important to look carefully into the future. It is also necessary to consider the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, as well as the opportunities and threats arising in its environment.

In the 90 pages of our Business Reinvention Insights Map you will find:

  • Opportunities, Possibilities, Strengths and Barriers
  • Processes and approaches on how to operate effectively in an uncertain environment
  • Best practices from Polish companies
  • Key insights from leaders among Polish companies
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Business Reinvention Insights Map

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