How did we build a data-driven app that changes people’s habits?

How can you build healthy habits? How can you combine psychology knowledge and technology to make global changes in people’s pro-health behavior? And finally, how can you make money on it? We faced the challenge of creating a product and a business model that would turn the answers to these questions into a profitable business.
Scope: Venture Building, Ideations, PoC, MVP, MMP
Industry: Health & Insurance
Duration: 9 months and continues

Executive summary

  • creating an app that will encourage better habits that are manageable in every day life of users;
  • market research;
  • building user personas;
  • designing a mobile app;
  • market testing;
  • a fully-functional product with a clear plan for its development;
  • validated the business concept on real users (MVP) and designed a business model & Pitch Deck presenting strategic insights;
  • raised external funding from the VC fund for future development.

Innovatika as a part of…

Changing habits may seem difficult, but we all know it is a challenge worth pursuing, especially when health is at stake. We wanted to create an app, a personal assistant, that would help users live longer by drawing their attention to simple but effective (scientifically proven) concepts and methods.

To win this challenge, we implemented our battle-tested development process to make sure we created the most effective solution. Innovatika’s experts were responsible for virtually of the work:
  • Starting with the selection of the process, which will quickly verify initial ideas and determine the right market
  • Selecting tools that are flexible and reliable (e.g product design, communication)
  • Appointing 100% of the team (including the recruitment processes)
  • Development business model together with a P&L model
  • Designing all the internal processes
  • Product’s development with the dev team

When it comes to innovative projects, the essential assumption is that everything can change overnight. When working on Victor, we had that full comfort of implementing changes at any given moment.

Jerzy Kurgan
 | Startup CEO

Victor – the first steps to healthy habits

Our well-designed, simple and free app helps you take baby steps that lead to great changes. By combining knowledge from medicine, physiology, and psychology, we wanted to help people build healthy habits so that they can live longer in better shape.

Victor, your personal health assistant, means:
  • All physical activity record in one place
  • Visualization of progress in physical condition and habits
  • Personalized physical activity recommendations based on scientific knowledge
  • The early warning system against diseases
  • Personalized system for building habits through gamification and motivational incentives for a healthier lifestyle (unique content, benefit offers)


We wanted to create visual communication that’s related to health and, at the same time, straightforward and pleasant to read. We had similar assumptions when choosing Viktor’s color palette (nature, tranquility, health). The logotype idea was born by combining an ECG graph representing a heartbeat rhythm with friendly typography.

The outcome

on whom we tested the MVP version

within first 4 weeks

of Victor MMP app in App Store

About one year ago I decided that we want to build a health tech solution. I was looking for a trustworthy venture builder with a solid business background and quickly realized that Innovatika was the best chance to win.

Private investor
 | Victor

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